cuba embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Holiday preparation is essential to trouble free visit to Cuba from Malaysia. By doing your homework prior to leaving for Cuba, you’re able to minimise the likelihood of anything really going wrong. A number of travelers quite often regret for not using these straightforward pre travel actions before going to Cuba.

Find the most recent health warnings obtainable and travel health advice for Cuba using the links underneath. You will, furthermore, get yourself a range of information that will assist to get prepared for a safe and enjoyable journey to Cuba and also a safe stay while you are in there.

General Travel Advice For Cuba For Travellers From Malaysia

  • Look at the best recent travel advice for Cuba provided by any of the following sources: UK travel advice for Cuba, US State Department travel warnings for Cuba or Canadian government travel advice for Cuba.
  • Take an appropriate medical travel insurance policy for Cuba to pay for hospital treatment, medical evacuation as well as any sort of passions, for instance adventure physical activities, in which you intend to to perform in Cuba.
  • Just prior to travelling to Cuba register your trip and contact information on-line or at your local embassy or consulate when you arrive in Cuba, so they are able call you in an emergency.
  • Comply with the Cuban law. Consular support is unable to circumvent local Cuban laws and regulations, even where local laws appear excessive or unproven by your country’s standards.
  • Check to determine if you need visas for Cuba or countries you’ll be going to or transiting. Keep in mind that a Cuban visa doesn’t always guarantee entry into Cuba.
  • Take copies of your passport details, travel insurance plan, travellers cheques, visas and credit card numbers. Keep one copy in a seperate location to the originals and then keep a copy with somebody at home.
  • Talk to health care professionals for info on recommended vaccinations along with other safety measures for Cuba and learn about Cuba laws and regulations on traveling with medical drugs.
  • Leave behind a copy of your travel plans with someone at home and maintain regular communication with family and friends whilst in Cuba.

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Current Government Travel Advice for Cuba

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Dual Nationality Holders

  • Prior to departing from Malaysia make sure whether you’re considered as a national of Cuba.
  • Enquire whether possessing dual nationality has any ramifications for your trip.
  • Passport validity for Cuba - Ensure your passport has a minimum of 6 months validity from your planned date of return to your home country. Cuba will most likely refuse entry on arrival and some airlines won’t allow travellers to go on flights to Cuba if their passport doesn’t satisfy this requirement.
  • Before travelling, you must contact the Cuban embassy or consulates of each country you wish to travel to establish the entry requirements.

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If you would like obtain more info about travelling to Cuba from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, please choose the relevant links here:

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